Meet the pregnant weightlifter who continues training- despite expecting twins

Can you believe this pregnant woman is STILL lifting weights?

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by Fiona Day |
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Keeping fit during pregnancy is always important to insure you and your baby stay healthy and happy.

But one mum-to-be has taken her pregnancy fitness to extremes by continuing with her weightlifting training whilst expecting twins.

Sophie Guidolin, a personal trainer from Australia, has shared snaps from her awe-inspiring workouts as she shows off her growing baby bump.

Sophie is determined to stay in shape during her pregnancy

26-weeks pregnant, Sophie continues to 65-pound weights in her local gym.

She told the Mail Online: “To me, that’s not a heavy weight. It all comes down to what’s heavy for the individual and what they could lift prior to pregnancy.The pros of exercising during pregnancy definitely outweigh the cons. I really hope that pregnant women understand the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle while pregnant.”

Before any pregnant ladies hit the weights section, Sophie warns that she carefully monitors her heart rate and has reduced her usual number of weights.

She explains: “I’m only lifting 50 percent of my usual capabilities, and I’m monitoring my heart rate and taking longer rest periods.”

Always consult your GP or health professional before exercising whilst pregnant.

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