Meet Mosley, the dog who wears Batman pyjamas when he plays in the snow

This video of a greyhound, all dressed up in his snuggest comic book hero PJs, having fun in the snow…


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

When we head outside to tackle the snow, we're usually dressed up in unflattering padded jackets, welly boots and as many scarves as we can wind around our neck. But Mosley the greyhound likes to do things a little differently…

Yup, this hound is the coolest around thanks to his seriously amazing Batman onesie. And, in this cute Instagram video of his snowy antics, it seems as if the pooch is taking a few tips from the Dark Knight himself; keep moving, throw in as many fancy spins as you can and look sharp.

Job achieved.

Mosley isn't the only one in his family who loves Batman; check out this cute family photo with his loving owners.

It's all too cute to handle, isn't it? Nice to see SOMEONE is having fun in the midst of Hurricane Hercules...

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