Married TV star wakes up to find testicles stolen by organ trafficking seductress

Married TV star wakes up after passionate night with another woman - to discover his testicles are gone


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Dmitry Nikolaev, who presents a popular TV show in Moscow, was out drinking at a local bar when he was approached by a pretty blonde woman.

She flirted with him and invited him to a local sauna - and, despite being married, Dmitry agreed to go with her.

The pair, according to local reports, then drank beers and kissed.

But then Dmitry blacked out.

He told LifeNews.Ru: "I met a girl at the bar and then we went to the sauna for a taxi.

"I remember that I had a beer, and do not remember any more."


He woke up at a bus stop, suffering from intense pain below the waist and covered in blood.

It was only when he arrived at hospital that doctors told him that his testicles had been removed by someone who was trained in surgery.

Dmitry said: "I thought it was just a cut but doctors told me my testicles had been removed."

It is thought that Dmitry's beer had been spiked with an unknown drug, and that the blonde woman was working with a criminal gang selling organs to the black market.

Dmitry, meanwhile, refused to tell his wife what had happened and told her he'd undergone surgery on his genitals because of a sudden illness.

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