Experts say sleeping in the buff is key to a happy marriage!

A recent study has suggested that the key to a happy marriage is to sleep naked.


by Closer Staff |

The poll found that 57% of those who sleep in the nude were happy and content with their partners, in comparison to 48% of those sleeping in PJ’s, 43% in nighties and 38% in onesies.

Well, we think you can all guess wht. But seriously, onesies are a MUST when the weather gets cold.

Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, of Cotton USA, who commissioned the poll, explained that the factor most often overlooked when outlining the guide to successful relationships, is the "bedroom environment".

And apparently, sleeping naked has a number of advantages that will assist in improving the quality of your relationships.

  • It will, of course, promote better sex between partners as the skin to skin sensation increases those feel-good chemicals which makes you feel more relaxed and in the mood.

We're guessing a 'two-sie' is out of the question?
We're guessing a 'two-sie' is out of the question?

*Sleeping nude also makes you feel more confident; the feeling of the coolness of the sheets will make you feel more sexy and confident!

*AND, apparently, you’ll physically look hotter - why are we only being told this now - because “as your body temperature drops, the growth hormone is released” which makes both your hair and skin look better.

Ok, so maybe it is time to ditch the leopard print onesie and embrace naked bed times...


By: Imrati Anand

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