Man sues hospital after ‘botched’ surgery shortened his penis by an inch

An unnamed Canadian man has sued the hospital that allegedly shortened his penis during surgery


by Sophie Haslett |
Published on

We all know size matters, but suing a hospital over surgery you claim left your penis an inch shorter? ‘Scuse the pun but that’s a whole different ball game.

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what an anonymous paraplegic Canadian man did, after he was rushed to hospital in 2011 from fracturing his penis during sex.

The patient underwent surgery to try and repair the damage, but this reportedly left a ‘permanent scar’ on his penis – reducing its length by ‘about an inch’.

The man later claimed he was unable to have sex for two years after the surgery, and his wife eventually left him which prompted him to seek $155,000 (£84,073) in damages for negligence and ‘indescribable anguish’. He has since said ‘this has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost my legs’.

What do you reckon? Does this man have a case? Or is he being ridiculous? Let us know what you think in the comments box.

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