Man reveals his life is being ruined due to 100 orgasms a day

An American man has revealed he has suffered upto 100 orgasms a day for the past two years, after a slipped disc caused him to develop persistent genital arousal syndrome.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Dale Decker, 37, is the first man to speak out on the condition, with the issue usually being experienced by more women than men.


He developed the problem in 2012 when he slipped a disc as he got out of a chair, and while en route to hospital he experienced five orgasms - the beginning of two years of hell for the American.

According to medical journals, trauma to the pelvic nerves can cause hypersensitivity in the area, which can trigger multiple orgasms.


’There’s nothing pleasurable about it’ said Dale, who added that the inappropriate places he’s had the orgasms cause him to feel embarrassed and disgusted at himself.

When his father died, Dale experience 9 orgasms while standing next to his casket.

Dale is unable to work with the condition, and has become increasingly isolated because of the syndrome.

‘It is destroying every part of my life,’ he added.

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