Man pranks partner with hilarious Valentine’s Day proposal

This man definitely has a warped sense of humour, doesn't he? We bet this hilarious Valentine's Day Ad for his partner will have got her in a bit of a tizzy…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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While we presume a lot of men will be getting down on one knee and proposing to their partners this Valentine's Day, Alex - as seen in the Launceston Examiner - decided to add his own unique spin to the tradition.

Spotted by Twitter's @MattNicholls29, Alex placed a "terrific Valentine's Day newspaper message in the Launceston Examiner" - a message which, we're pretty sure, will have got his partner in a bit of a spin:

The ad (Launceston Examiner)
The ad (Launceston Examiner)

Let's break this one down, shall we?

"Jodie, not sure how many characters I can fit into one advertisement, but here goes nothing.

"I wanted to ask you a very important and timely question. Seeing as it is Valentine's Day, will you ma…

"…ke dinner tonight or will I?"

The cheeky man finishes off with: "Because I kind of wanted to finish Breaking Bad.

"Anyway, let me know. Love Alex"


We imagine her response looked a little something like this…

How would YOU respond to a Valentine's Day joke like this? Let us know via the Comments Box below now.

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