Man pictured being ‘walked’ on a leash by a woman in central London

A picture of a man being ‘walked’ on a leash has been doing the rounds on the Internet after it was snapped by a passer by in central London.


by Fiona Day |
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After the photo went viral, the woman in the photo identified herself as stage actress Eden Avital Alexander.

Eden was taking part in an acting project and the poor bloke on the leash was her director.

Unbeknownst to passers by, a camera was secretly filming their reactions as Eden and her willing director walked down the streets of Farringdon.

Eden revealed to the Independent that several people approached her as she performed the stunt.

Passers by took snaps of Eden and her director
Passers by took snaps of Eden and her director

‘One asked me to make my dog smile to her camera, while walking behind us for five minutes. A few people asked me if it was my husband. I replied to all within character.’

The actress believes that the stunt has raised awareness of issues such as gender equality and even animal rights.

‘I do believe that a lot of people raised important issues in their response; such as equality of gender, human rights, animal rights, where PR stops and personal life begins.’

Eden says she is proud of the now infamous stunt.

‘I believe that artists, actors especially, should take the audience out of their normal everyday life and make them think and feel other things, in this case was to make them laugh, but while doing it different things came up.’

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