Man is jailed after being filmed abusing his Staffordshire bull terrier puppy

A man has been jailed after being filmed by a neighbour repeatedly throwing his puppy against concrete steps in his back garden.


by Jack White |
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The disturbing footage shows Liam Blackhouse, from Barrow, Cumbria, abusing the two-month-old pup, now called Dudley, during the attack, which lasted for almost an hour.

During the sickening attack on the defenceless puppy, Mr. Blackhouse kicked Dudley and threw him against the concrete floor before trapping his head and slamming a door against it.

Will Lamping of the RSPCA said: “The police arrived moments before I did and one of the officers had the puppy, who was shaking wildly, in their arms.

“The footage is shocking to watch. The puppy tries to get away from Blackhouse but he keeps picking him up roughly and throwing him to the ground.

“At one point he traps the puppy’s head in the back door and repeatedly closes the door on him. The dog keeps crying out, it’s very distressing.”


Mr. Blackhouse was jailed for 80 days for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, and banned from owning a pet for seven years.

Dudley amazingly survived the attack, despite being badly bruised, and has thankfully been re-homed.

Mr. Lamping said: “the future looks very bright for Dudley. He’s in a loving home where he’s settled and happy. I’m so pleased that he will now be able to stay there.”

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