Man finds ingenious new way to pass the time while his girlfriend hits the shops

While his wife was busy in the changing rooms, this man transformed himself into a human mannequin. And the pictures are hilarious…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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We've all done it, haven't we? We've all dragged some unsuspecting man around the shops, leaving him to fend for himself while we battle with dresses and leather trousers in the changing rooms.

But, while most men just plonk themselves down and sigh expressively, Steve Venegas decided to make good use of his time.

By turning himself into a HUMAN MANNEQUIN!!!

Spot the dummy
Spot the dummy

Mmhmm, yeah. Speaking to the world about his decision, he explained: "I noticed the mannequin was about my size. Everything was in front of me, so I just said, 'I should try this on, see how this looks.'"

Bless him...

Or, more simply: "I try on clothes and have my photo taken because it's funny to dress like a dummy."

Cue the birth of The Gap Mannequin Project, which sees Steve locate and dress up in the exact same outfit as on the mannequin - no easy task, as we're sure savvy shoppers will know.

It's like a PG versh of The Living Dolls, isn't it?

Then he recreates the pose and snaps a picture. But, before anyone panics, no clothes are harmed in the experience:

"I always hang them back up when I'm done!"

At least he's keeping himself entertained!

The blog has attracted over 6000 followers and raised the bar for men everywhere; next time he's bored, refer him to this blog.

Do you love this idea? Will you be suggesting it to your reluctant shopping buddy next time you're out? Let us know via the Comments Box below.

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