Man attempts to visit all 337 Facebook friends in one trip

One man is attempting to visit all 337 of his Facebook friends during an epic road trip.


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Ever thought of deleting friends on Facebook because you never see them in real life? This man decided not to press the ‘un-friend’ button and actually visit his Facebook friends to see if they still had a connection.

35-year-old Mike McLaughlin from Minnesota embarked on a mammoth road trip to visit each of his 337 Facebook friends in an attempt to reconnect.

He told local news: ‘I’m not an extremely social person and I don’t have a lot of close friends, so with most of these people I’m meeting, it’s more common than not this is the first time we’ve spent time alone.’

Mike wants to meet ALL his Facebook friends
Mike wants to meet ALL his Facebook friends

‘I like to be with them while they’re doing whatever they enjoy doing. With one guy, we went out to fly remote control planes for instance. With most people though, it’s food or drinks. I’ve never drank as much coffee as I have in the past month.’

‘One of my thoughts was, ‘Is there an alternative to that?’ Instead of deleting Facebook friends I haven’t spoken to recently, maybe I could speak to them.’

‘I have this idealistic view of the world and I think if I can meet up with these people, I know spending time with them makes you more likely to be compassionate. I thought if I could be a little better perhaps everybody could be the same.’

Would you visit your Facebook friends before ‘un-friending’ them?

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