Man accidentally sends photo of penis to HR manager before starting new job

One man accidentally made a pretty unique impression on his new HR manager

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by Fiona Day |
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Starting a new job is always nerve racking, but one poor newly employed gent made a startling impression on his new HR manager with a MAJORLY misplaced d**k pic.

The unknown 23-year-old from Chicago was attempting to seduce a female friend with the racy snaps when he realised he wasn’t getting a reply.

After calling the number he found out the terrible truth behind the silence.

The HR manager was alarmed by the pics (stock image)

He had been sending pictures of his penis to a HR manager from a firm that had just offered him a job. WHOOPS.

The HR manager on the receiving end of the messages had assumed that the first one was a mistake, but when the pictures kept rolling through they realised that something was terribly wrong.

The young man’s offer of employment was withdrawn and the HR manager reported the incident to the police, but dropped charges when she realised it was a genuine case of mistaken identity.

Moral of the story? Check before you send, folks!

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