Madeleine McCann’s nanny speaks out for the first time almost ten years after the disappearance

Where is Madeleine McCann

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A nanny who looked after Madeleine McCann has broken her silence for the first time ever

The whole world is still asking 'where is Madeleine McCann?' and everyone keeps an eye on breakthroughs in the devastating case.

Even Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to revive the hunt for Maddie.

Now, a babysitter who worked at the Portuguese resort and looked after Madeleine McCann before she went missing has spoken out for the first time almost ten years after Madeline went missing.

The nation was shocked in May 2007 when three-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing from her resort in Portugal. She was on holiday with her parents Kate and Gerry McCann and her two twin sisters Amelie and Sean when she disappeared.

Madeline McCann
Madeleine went missing on May 3 2007 (Credit: Getty Images)

Her parents were with friends at a restaurant nearby and kept checking on their children throughout the evening but around 10pm Kate discovered Madeleine had gone missing. Over the past ten years the parents haven't stopped searching for their little girl and recently police granted £85,000 to extend Madeleine's investigation for another six months.

And now a nanny who looked after Madeleine a few times has broken her silence and claimed the resort where the McCann's were staying in was known as unsafe and nannies were given rape alarms and told not to go out alone.

Opening up on that horrific night, she explained to The Mirror: "I walked into Kate crying, friends comforting her, Gerry looking under cars, and it just blew up.

Kate and Gerry haven't stopped searching for their eldest daughter (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

"She was pacing up and down. The worst possible thing had just happened to her.

"She was crying, but almost in a catatonic state, and Gerry was very distressed. That’s the one thing I really remember from him, looking under the cars. I can’t forget that."

She continued: "We were told to start looking in bins in case her body was in there. It was at that point we realised this was serious."

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Madeleine McCann's Abduction: Everything You Need To Know

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British police now plan to test DNA samples found in the McCann's holiday apartment in 2007. The move comes less than a week after convicted pedophile Roderick McDonald, 76, was arrested in Malta. He was believed to be living in the Algarve at the same time as Maddy went missing.

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On the 100th day of Madeleine's disappearance, police acknowledged publicly for the first time that Madeleine could be dead. Kate McCann tells a UK women's magazine that she would rather know her daughter was dead, than live in limbo forever.

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In 2008 The Daily Express and the Daily Star made front-page apologies for publishing more than 100 articles on the disappearance of Madeleine, some of which suggested her parents were involved in her death. The papers were forced to pay £550,000 in damages, which went to the Find Madeleine campaign.

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In 2011, on the day of Maddy's 8th birthday, Kate McCann published a book, simply entitled Madeleine, giving her account, in her own words, of her daughter's disappearance.

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In the seven years since, an international appeal for help finding Maddy has brought numerous reported sightings, none of them confirmed.

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She was abducted from her bed in the ground floor apartment she was staying in, while her parents Kate and Gerry were eating in a nearby tapas restaurant, checking regularly on her and her younger twin siblings.

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The McCann's have spoken out about their 'terrible regret' at leaving the children alone on the night Madeleine disappeared. Gerry admitted: 'We made a mistake, but we are paying more for it than anyone could ever possibly imagine.'

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Madeleine McCann was just three when she disappeared while on holiday in the Algarve village of Praia Da Luz, Portugal, on the evening of May 3 2007.

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The bill for the British police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is set to top £10 million this year. Several men, including a Cape Verde immigrant and heroin addict who died in 2009, have been considered as suspects- but no one has been charged over the Maddy's disappearance.

Madeline McCann
The nanny slammed the police for the way they handled Madeleine's disappearance (Credit: Getty Images)

The witness – who is no longer a nanny following Madeleine's disappearance – revealed that she and other staff continued to search for the little one and claims that the police took 90 minutes to arrive on the scene. She also slammed them for the way they handled Madeleine's disappearance and said: "Whole chunks of information were missed out," of her statement.

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The carer who explained that it was "really normal" for parents to dine while their children were in the apartments believes that Gerry and Kate had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

She said: "There's no way at all. A, timings and B, where it was, their reactions, the whole thing. Not a chance."

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