Luisa Zissman joins the debate, insisting that Josie Cunningham is a ‘victim of celebrity culture’

Josie Cunningham hit the headlines this weekend for announcing her plans to abort her 18-week unborn baby to improve her chances of appearing on Big Brother.


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She was met with a huge online backlash, as people questioned how someone who is already a mum-of-two could even consider such a thing just to further her fame.

But one person who, while not agreeing with the decision, thinks Josie, 23, isn’t entirely to blame.

Writing in her newspaper column, Luisa, 26, said: “Even if producers cast her this summer, I predict the public hatred of her will be so extreme that she’ll be booted out in week one and become a distant memory/nightmare for all of us.

Luisa thinks that modern day celebrities have made reality TV look like a way to get famous quickly
Luisa thinks that modern day celebrities have made reality TV look like a way to get famous quickly

“However, can we really blame Josie for her warped sense of how to fulfill her dreams? Take a look around and look at Katie Hopkins – possible the second most hated woman in the UK now after Josie – forged her career on based upon slagging people off.”

Using TOWIE and Made In Chelsea as examples, Luisa claimed that reality TV has shown people that it is a quick way to get famous.

Luisa said: “Can we really blame Josie for wanting to better her ‘career’ and life when many of our 21st Century idols have achieved great wealth from reality TV?”

While she made it clear that she thought Josie’s decision to have an abortion was awful, Luisa ended by saying: “As quick as we are to jump on Josie’s back and say what a terrible human being she is, maybe, just maybe, we should take a look in the mirror.”

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