“I am lucky just to be able to breathe”: Woman to run London Marathon despite missing half a lung

Amy Burt will never win a marathon, but that doesn't mean she can't run one. Here's her inspirational story…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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In just 10 days Amy Burt will be running the London Marathon to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.

But hers is a story with a difference. Because the inspirational woman had half her lung removed as a child.

She says on her fundraising page: "I was born with a congenital lung abnormality. I had 2 large cysts which had grown on my right lung, whilst my lungs were developing.

"However an 8 hour operation at 8 years old to remove the cysts, and the lobe of the lung they were attached to, completely changed my life.

"The parting words of my doctor, Professor Wellar, to my mum were: 'Amy will never win a marathon, but that doesn't mean she can't run one.'

"So I am."

The run will be a huge challenge for Amy; the amount of oxygen able to enter her bloodstream during any sport is reduced by around 1/5 due to the operation she had as a child.

"I will most likely be on the road for 6 1/2 hours [but] every step I take is for a great cause, and to prove to the Doctor he was right and I can complete a marathon."


Amy is hoping to raise some serious obey for the British Lung Foundation to thank them for supporting her when she needed them most.

She said: "The BLF is a charity hugely close to my heart (no pun intended) as I was born with a congenital lung abnormality. I had two cysts which were removed when I was 8 along with my right upper lobe.

"The operation was a huge success and has meant that I live a normal life with no signs that I have had this procedure.

"I'm so happy that I can support the BLF and help them help support families like mine, and fund research into lung conditions. I know how lucky I am to be able to breathe easy."

To read more about her story please visit her fundraising page - or try following her progress on Tumblr.

We wish Amy the best of luck in her run!

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