50 Shades girlfriend reveals: “I lock up my lover’s willy to keep him under control!’

Laura Hallan never has to worry that her boyfriend might be tempted to stray - he literally can’t.

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For the last two years her live-in boyfriend Gavin has been wearing a cage over his penis - the male equivalent of a chastity belt - that prevents him even getting an erection without pain, let alone being able to make love to another woman.

And Laura is the only one that holds the key.

But Laura's not a jealous girlfriend.

Laura regularly locks up her boyfriend's penis with a variety of cages
Laura regularly locks up her boyfriend's penis with a variety of cages

It’s all part of their dominant/submissive relationship - a dynamic made famous in the novel 50 Shades of Grey, in that case the man, successful business man Christian Grey, was in charge of his girlfriend, college student Anastasia - but in this case, Laura is firmly in charge.

In their household she makes all the decisions, from where they go on holiday, to what they eat.

Gavin drives her wherever she wants to go and does the majority of the housework.


Laura, who lives in Lincolnshire and has two children from a previous relationship, explains: “We are very happy together, I’ve got a very forceful personality and he’s very laid back.

"Our relationship has developed from there, based on love, trust and communication.

“For me the chastity ‘belt’ is nothing about jealousy and trying to keep my lover faithful to me, although it is for some women who use them on their men.

"This is just another way of Gavin submitting to me. I can choose when he is allowed to get an erection and from there when he can orgasm.

"The longest I’ve ever made him wait is two months. But it’s a turn on for both of us and we both enjoy it - if we didn’t then we wouldn’t do it.”

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