Do you live in the vainest town in Britain?

A survey has revealed the place in the UK where people take most care over their appearance, but how does your area fare?


by Ellie Hooper |
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Based on the number of hairdressers and beauty salons operating in the region, the City of London was found to have the highest salon concentration in the country, closely followed by other regions of the capital.

Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Camden and Hammersmith & Fulham were also seen in the top ten, as was home of the TOWIE clan Brentwood.

It may come as no surprise that London and Essex are in the top 10
It may come as no surprise that London and Essex are in the top 10

Essex town Uttlesford is also littered with salons, which should come as no surprise seeing as it was voted 6th in the country for ‘overall quality of life.’

South Buckinghamshire folks also seem to be pretty into their grooming, with main town Beaconsfield being a very affluent area.

Lancashire’s Ribbel Valley is also spoilt for choice when it comes to salons, where as Forest Heath in Suffolk also just makes the top ten.

Who is least likely to head to the salon? Well that would be the Scots it seems, who, even in main cities Edinburgh and Glasgow, seem relatively disinterested in getting a snip as often as their English counterparts.

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