Little girl impersonates her father in this hilarious note to her mother

This note is the work of pure genius


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Children can be very cheeky when it comes to getting their own way, and although we would never encourage bad behavior, sometimes they go to great - and hilarious - lengths to try and trick us.

One child, known only as Lily, went that extra mile to ensure that she had a foolproof way of finding out what gift she was getting as a surprise from her parents.

Writing a letter to her mother, Lily penned this masterpiece pretending to be her father:


‘Dear wife, what did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot,’ she writes in an attempt at her dad’s handwriting.

As if that wasn’t convincing enough, she proceeds to draw a line for her mother’s response, instructing her to ‘please reply here,’ followed by a not-at-all-suspicious ‘Love: Don’.

This has to be one of the cutest attempts at a dad impersonation that we’ve seen!

The picture, which was posted on Reddit, has received thousands of comments since it was uploaded yesterday with many users suggesting ways for ‘wife’ to reply.

One posted, “Dear: Don. I cannot believe you forgot. You never remember the important things. I want a divorce,”

Another wrote: “Dear wife remember we are selling her to the monster under her bed.”

Others used the thread to tell similar hilarious stories about their own children, with one user posting: “Our daughter once wrote a similar note to our nanny … Dear Sue, your fired. Love, Mommy [sic]”.

Have your children ever done anything like this to try and trick you into spilling a secret?

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