Landlady of Alice Gross suspect reveals his shocking murder confession

The landlady of the suspect in the case of missing schoolgirl Alice Gross has revealed his shocking murder confession.


by Fiona Day |
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Nadia Tkachuk rented a room to suspect Arnis Zalkalns without knowing about his murderous past.

It wasn’t until Zalkalns’ roomate- an ex-policeman- revealed the truth to Nadia.

She told The Sunday People: “His friend said he killed his wife before coming to England. I was shaking. I was surprised.”

"He didn’t look like a killer. He looked like a good person.”

She added: “If I knew straight away I would ­definitely have ­refused for him to live under my roof.”

A shocked Nadia then confronted Zalkalns about his crime, to which he said: “It was an accident. My wife was beating our child.

"I tried to protect the child and accidentally I hit her and I killed her like that.”

Zalkalns is now the prime suspect in an investigation to the disappearance of 14-year-old school girl Alice Gross, who was last seen on August 28 walking along a London canal.

Zalkalns is seen cycling behind her just minutes later.

Nadia said: “I feel so sorry for Alice’s parents. I have two daughters myself so I could cry for Alice’s ­parents.

"It is a terrible for family if you lose someone close to your heart..”

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