Killer fiancé admits: ‘I enjoyed watching my husband-to-be die’

A woman standing trial for the murder of her fiancé said ‘it felt good knowing he would die,’ a court has heard.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Angelika Graswald, 35, waited for 20 minutes to call emergency services after her fiancé’s kayak capsized on the Hudson River, new New York.

Part of the Hudson River pictured near New York city
Part of the Hudson River pictured near New York city

At her bail hearing in the US, the court heard how Mr Viafore, 50, has never been found, and that they are still unclear on how his kayak was tampered with.

Graswald is facing a second degree murder charge, with prosecutors arguing she killed her husband to gain 1/4 million dollars from life insurance policies.

But lawyers working for her defence say that Angelika is not a native English speaker - and so may have become confused and confessed to the murder by mistake.

Witnesses at the scene say after Mr Viafore’s kayak filled with water, he clung on for about 10 minutes, before succumbing to the water.

Apparently Ms Graswald then purposefully overturned her kayak, but was rescued by paramedics.

The trial continues.

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