Kerry Needham reveals on ITV’s This Morning: ‘I know that Ben is still alive’

Ben Needham’s brave mum told Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden that an eyewitness has finally come forward to reveal what happened that fateful day in 1991

Kerry Needham reveals on ITV’s This Morning: ‘I know that Ben is still alive’

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In 1991, at just 21 months old, Ben Needham went missing while on holiday in Greece.

And now, finally, it seems as if the mystery surrounding his disappearance might be solved following a TV appeal in Greece, which was viewed by 60% of the population.

"We've had a lot of information which is consistent with information we've had before but we've also had a lot of good new information," Detective Inspector Cousins said.

"I have to follow every line of inquiry and I think this is the best opportunity we've had to find out what happened to Ben."

Kerry Needham with a photograph of Ben, shortly after his disappearance in 1991
Kerry Needham with a photograph of Ben, shortly after his disappearance in 1991

Following the success of the new appeal, Ben's mum Kerry, and his grandmother Christine, appeared on ITV’s This Morning to reveal what they have learned about Ben’s disappearance so far.

Sitting down with Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden, Kerry said: “I think the Greek public have actually taken notice [of Ben’s case] now.

“We are ecstatic with the amount of information that has come through… hundreds of calls came through over the weekend, more emails, so it just shows that the Greek public are more trusting and more willing to give up that information.”

She added firmly: “We are very happy that the British are working very closely with the Greek police… it’s more than we could ask for."


Phillip then asked if Kerry was any closer to reconciling the events of what had happened that fateful day in her head - to which Kerry surprisingly replied that police now have an eyewitness to Ben’s disappearance.

She said simply: “I think it has now been confirmed that it was an abduction.

“I don’t know any more details than that… I assume [the call came through from] someone who heard that someone had taken Ben, or that they had witnessed the abduction.”

Amanda, clearly moved, interrupted: “He’s alive, isn’t he? As a mother, you know that.”

Kerry replied: “Absolutely, yes.”

Grandmother Christine, who was watching over Ben on the day he disappeared, added: “We know [he’s alive]. We wouldn’t be able to get up every morning if we thought there was no point in it.

“And the officers believe it too. One officer has asked to go onto the case before he retires, because he wants to get it solved before he finishes.”

Viewers flocked to Twitter after her appearance on the show to show their support to Kerry, rveealing that Ben Needham is still very much in the public's mind.

However Kerry Needham's appearance on the show almost didn't happen.

It was reported yesterday that she had been dropped from This Morning’s schedule today in favour of a segment about ‘Blinging Up Baby’.

She told The Mirror: "I got out of my PJs and got dressed and waited and waited. I finally got a call saying my slot had been dropped.

“I was furious. It was insulting. There was no explanation. There was nothing of any significance to have Ben's story dropped.”

Kerry tweeted later in the afternoon to say that she had been rescheduled to appear on the show on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for ITV said: "For any live daily topical show, guests and the running order of items are always subject to change late into the evening or overnight.

"We hadn't confirmed Kerry Needham for today's programme. She will be appearing on This Morning tomorrow."

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