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The Ken doll of the past is no more - meet the new, diverse range of Barbie and Ken dolls from doll makers Mattel!

Barbie and Ken have been iconic staples of childhoods around the world since they were first invented in 1959.

They're not looking too bad for pushing 60-years-old, are they?!

But despite how well-loved they are, there have been calls for quite a while for a more diverse range of dolls, as the two thin, white-skinned blonde dolls are not hugely representative.

The original Barbie and Ken dolls look completely different from nowadays (Credit: Mattel) ©Mattel

Well, Barbie and Ken doll makers Mattel have listened to their customers and created a brand new range of Ken dolls - the first major update to the doll in 56 years.

The Ken doll now has 15 brand new types - with a variety of skin tones, hair colours and styles and - importantly - body types.

There are now three body types that Ken dolls adhere to - the categories are named Broad, Original and Slim.

The "slim" Ken dolls (Credit: Mattel & ABC News) ©Mattel & ABC News

They've all been given different names which reflect what clothes they're wearing.

But Ken isn't the only one who's had a bit of an image transformation.

Whilst Barbie went through her major look refresh last year, there are also some brand new versions of the female doll for children (or adults!) to look forward to when the new range is released in the US on 8 July.

The brand new "curvy" Barbie dolls (Credit: Mattel & ABC News) ©Mattel & ABC News

Barbie has four categories - Tall, Petite, Original or Curvy.

She also has a variety of skin tones, body shapes and hairstyles.

We LOVE how inclusive and diverse these different Barbie and Kens are - it can have a surprising impact on a child if the only dolls they ever see or play with all look the same.

Well done Mattel!

We're not yet sure where you'll be able to get your hands on the brand new Barbie and Ken dolls, but in the meantims, head to Toys 'R' Us to look at the new Barbies that were released last year.

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