Pregnant Katie Piper backs Pampers’ campaign to celebrate midwives

Katie Piper

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Pregnant model Katie Piper is supporting Pampers' campaign to encourage pregnant women to thank their midwives.

Katie, 34, who is pregnant with her second child and is due to give birth at any time around Christmas, is working with Pampers to ensure midwives get the recognition they deserve for the Thank You Midwives campaign.

The businesswoman, who is also mum to three-year-old Belle with her husband Richard Sutton, said: "I’m so thankful for the amazing midwives helping me prepare for my second child.

"Just like with my first little girl, my midwives go above and beyond the call of duty – it made me really sad to hear they feel undervalued.

"I want to say thank you to them all as no question was ever too silly or request too much."

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The top 10 things that really make you a mum (slider)

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mum with child

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1) Being there when your child needs you

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2) Wanting your child’s happiness more than your own

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3) Coping with all the highs and lows of parenting

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4) Loving your child unconditionally

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5) Being emotionally available for your child

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6) Answering all their questions dozens of times

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7) Doing the drudgery of domestic chores like washing, cooking and cleaning out of love

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8) Going without so your child has what they need

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9) Being pregnant and giving birth

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10) Having a biological child

Midwives have also opened up about what it's REALLY like in the delivery room in the survey for Pampers - speaking to 1,000 mums and 100 midwives.

One midwife revealed about the time a dad-to-be stripped off completely naked to get in the birthing pool, and another added that one weak-kneed father fainted during a simple vaginal examination... Before the baby was anywhere near being born!

Another explained the shocking story of a mum who gave birth to her baby before she could even get both her legs out of her trousers - that must have been a last-minute trip to the hospital!

WATCH: Pamper's #ThankYouMidwife campaign video

But one midwife revealed the heartwarming story of when she welled up as a mum gave birth for the fifth time to a fifth girl.

The mum turned to her partner and apologised for the baby not being a boy - but the expectant dad had the perfect response and burst into tears of happiness.

Another midwife described the moment she was stopped in the street by a mum 21 years after she had helped her give birth to tell her she would never forget her kindness.

The research found that eight in 10 mums agree that midwives should be thanked for their incredible work, and 77% said they could not have made it through labour without their midwife.

Katie Piper

A third of mums added that they wished they could now introduce their child to the midwife who helped them through their labour.

Other added that their midwife provided that much-needed calming influence during labour, made them laugh when the going got tough and stopped them from being afraid.

For every #ThankYouMidwife posted on social media, Pampers will donate £1 to the Benevolent Fund of the Royal College of Midwives to support midwives in need throughout the festive season and beyond. One #ThankYouMidwife post = £1 donation.

**Did you bond with your midwife when you gave birth? Do you agree that midwives should be thanked more? Let us know over on **Facebook and Twitter.


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