Katie Hopkins takes aim at Josie Cunningham: ‘Pay for her to be sterilised’

Katie Hopkins has taken to her weekly newspaper column to share her thoughts about controversial tabloid figure Josie Cunningham.


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The former apprentice star starts off by describing Josie as: ‘The orange-coloured thing that used NHS funds to pay for her wonky boobs and takes taxpayers’ cash for taxis because she is too hated to use public transport.’

Pregnant with a child we already feel sorry for, Josie is smoking her way through pregnancy and says she will continue unless we pay for her to stop.

Loose Women under fire after Josie Cunningham appears on the show

Describing the pregnant former-escort’s appearance on Loose Women, Katie wrote: ‘Listening to Josie trying to string a sentence together on TV’s Loose Women was like listening to my five-year-old son read. Except he uses longer words and has mastered the fundamentals of grammar.’

Josie appeared on Loose Women earlier this week
Josie appeared on Loose Women earlier this week

She continues: ‘She took money from the sick to pay for her vanity.’

Josie Cunningham vows to stop smoking if the NHS pay for it.

‘I would never ask the NHS to do anything other than stitch me up and put me back together.’

‘If Josie, was a dog, she would be the type that cr*ps on your lawn and expects you to come running with a plastic bag. My preference would be to wipe her nose in it so she didn’t do it again… Which is sort of what she is doing to us — wiping our noses in it by showing us just how easy it is to play the system.’

Do you agree with Katie?

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