Katie Hopkins on smoking with kids in the car: ‘It’s a form of abuse..and always the fat mums’

Controversial social commentator Katie Hopkins has hit out at parents that smoke with their children in the car, branding it abuse.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Explaining her controversial opinion, the former Apprentice contestant argued:

“It’s a form of child abuse because ultimately you’re damaging your kid’s health, it falls into the same bracket as over-feeding your kid.

“As a parent you’re supposed to be there to give the best for your child and clearly smoking in a car isn’t a great idea.”

“I like it when you hear those parents who say they only do it with the window open, as if that’s okay! It’s like saying you only force feed your child with food from the very best pizza shop – it’s a bizarre argument for why it’s ok,”she said.

And the mother-of-three thinks the new £50 fine being introduced in Wales for anyone caught smoking with children in the car is lenient.

“£50 is really low, I don’t think that’ll put people off at all. You always see people smoking when they drop their kids off at school – and it’s always the ones who park on top of the school gates.


“It’s the laziest families who tend to be the smokers, so I don’t think a £50 fine is going to be a deterrent. The double yellow lines at school don’t put them off either."

Adding a final blow the offending smoker parents, the agitated 39-year-old added:

“I have a bee in my bonnet about parents who don’t walk their kids to school, and have their fat arm hanging out the window. Generally the kid is fat as well because if you’ve got an overweight mother, you’ve always got an overweight kid – and it’s always those ones that are smoking, so the kid comes into school stinking of cigarettes too”.

Is smoking in the car with children abuse?

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