Katie Hopkins: ‘It’s time we issued an unemployed person’s uniform’

Katie Hopkins has spoken out against people in long term unemployment, suggesting that they are issued with special ‘unemployed persons uniforms.’


by Fiona Day |
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The former Apprentice contestant took to Twitter, writing: ‘Time we issued an unemployed persons uniform. Then they can turn up to the Job Centre feeling like they fit in trots off to work on design.’

One of her followers retorted: ‘Aren't you working today?’ whilst another fired back: ‘You stereotype everyone and it's narrow minded and spiteful.’

A couple of her followers appeared to agree with her, with one replying: ‘You can't make the lazy unemployed leave their homes everyday, the local super booze will all go bankrupt! Think of the economy.’

Katie Hopkins says unemployed people should have to wear a uniform
Katie Hopkins says unemployed people should have to wear a uniform

Another wrote: ‘It already exists. Low slung jeans, hoodie top, tattoos and fag and/or can of Stella.’

The controversial social commentator has often ruffled many people’s feathers over the topic of unemployment and the benefits system, and has appeared in televised debates to show her disdain for those in long-term unemployment.

Katie's tweets come on the same day that the Metro claimed young graduates are ‘fighting’ for job interviews.

There have also reportedly been calls for the long-term unemployed to work for free in order to claim benefits, with community work such as looking after local parks being on of the potential roles for those on the dole.

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