Katie Hopkins defends controversial opinions on dementia patients: ‘They suck the life from the young’

UPDATE: Katie Hopkins has taken to Twitter to defend her controversial comments about the elderly, asking 'what's the point in living longer?' as she praises assisted suicide


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Katie Hopkins has, despite the backlash, continued to stand by her comments about the elderly.

Taking to Twitter, the controversial opinion writer said: "I am unsure why people find this so offensive. If I am off with the fairies, I want my kids off with their friends. I refuse to be a burden.

"We extended life beyond the optimal point of departure. What is the point in sucking life from the young? Kids, take my cash & have a blast."

Katie Hopkins originally slammed the elderly via her column for The Sun, insisting they are'annoying' and that assisted suicide is a preferable option.

The former Apprentice contestant wrote: "What's the point in living longer if all we're going to do is get in the way or sit in expensive nursing homes unable to recognise our own reflection in the mirror?

"If I get like that, for God's sake bang me over the head with a hammer… if I can't recognise my children, what's the point in them coming to see me?

"They have lives to enjoy and, frankly, I have fairies to be away with."

"If I get like that, for God's sake bang me over the head with a hammer"

The controversial opinion writer, 39, went on to add that she would take herself off to Dignitas, the Swiss clinic who help assist people in dying, before she became a 'nuisance' to her loved ones.

"I am getting the words 'DO NOT RESUSCITATE' tattooed across my forehead at 60.

"Society has tried giving old people the hint that they are not wanted."

Katie Hopkins insists there's no point living if you can't enjoy life
Katie Hopkins insists there's no point living if you can't enjoy life

However, going on to praise D-Day heroes, Katie Hopkins added that she will try her hardest to remember that many of the elderly she sees around her are "back in fashion".

"I still want to be bumped off before I become more of a nuisance than I already am.

"But in the interim I hope to have a little D-Day every day, with the old people I meet.

"I will picture them at 20, full of life and fun."

Unsurprisingly, her comments haven't gone down well on Twitter, with one follower writing: "some of your views and thoughts are disgusting I hope you are left alone when you're old and need your family! [sic]"

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