Katie Hopkins ‘fat shames’ commuters: ‘There should be an “only people under 9st” carriage’

Katie Hopkins has slammed people she deems overweight in her latest column, suggesting that ‘people under 9st’ should have their own carriage.


by Fiona Day |
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Katie wrote in her column following reports that Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing had landed in a spot of bother after using his mobile phone on a quiet carriage during a train journey between Leeds and London.

‘There are other carriages I would love to introduce,’ she wrote in her column for The Sun.

‘A ‘no cheese and onion crisps’ rule would be my first choice,’ she said, before shockingly adding: ‘An ‘only people under 9st’ carriage would be another – and an “only if you have had a shower” one.’

‘I sense a ‘no Katie Hopkins’ carriage coming along.’

Katie thinks that people over 9 stone should be made to sit in a seperate carriage
Katie thinks that people over 9 stone should be made to sit in a seperate carriage

Katie took her tirade against ‘overweight’ women to the next level when she slammed her own sex, accusing them of disliking women who were thin.

Katie wrote: ‘Women said Carol was “too clever and too attractive” and that her appearance was “unrealistic”.’

‘Only Fern Britton managed to be more disliked. This is strange, because Fern isn’t clever or attractive, but women hate her because she didn’t make it clear about how she got thin. ‘

‘It just goes to show- if there’s one thing worse than being clever and attractive. it is being thin.’

‘If you are thick, fat and ugly, women will love you.’

Do you agree with any of Katie’s comments.

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