Katie Hopkins defends young girl in Magaluf ‘sex video’: ‘Look at you all pointing and laughing’

Katie Hopkins has defended the young girl featured in a viral video taken in Magaluf where she performs oral sex on 24 different men for a free drink.


by Fiona Day |
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Usually one of the first to blast such behaviour, Katie surprised Twitter followers by leaping to the defence of the girl in the video.

The controversial social commentator wrote: “OK, the girl in Magaluf did some things that she shouldn't have done. But look at you all pointing and laughing. You are the monkeys.”

The video was taken in the Spanish holiday resort and soon became viral when it was uploaded online.

Video shows couple having sex in Magaluf nightclub

The video was filmed in a Spanish nightclub

It has been revealed that the girl’s strict religious family have ‘forgiven’ her for taking part in the ‘sex game’ where she was reportedly promised she would win a holiday, but was instead awarded a three-euro bottle of cava.

Man tricks strangers into dancing with no music

The 39-year-old also told Twitter followers that she was preparing to hit the nightclubs herself, though we reckon she won’t be partaking in any ‘sex games’ that have become so controversial in popular holiday destinations.

She wrote: “Tonight I am clubbing in London. I consider this a deeply inappropriate thing for a woman of my age. I will dad dance at the periphery.”

Do you think it's shameful that people find the video funny?

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