Katie Hopkins blasts ‘brainless and spineless’ 27-year-old granddad

Katie Hopkins has blasted the ‘brainless and spineless’ 27-year-old granddad and blamed the UK for not ‘shaming’ under-age parents.


by Fiona Day |
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The controversial social commentator made the remarks following reports that a 27-year-old man serving time for murder is to become a granddad after his 13-year-old daughter fell pregnant.

In her weekly newspaper column, Katie blamed attacked the benefits system along with UK attitudes to teenage parents, suggesting that the country doesn’t do enough to discourage youngsters from getting pregnant by ‘shaming’ them.

‘In most civilised countries there is a huge amount of shame attached to being an underage mum… But Britain has failed to convey this shame. Hence we still have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Western Europe,’ she writes.

Rent-a-gob Katie blames UK culture for the high rates of under-age parents
Rent-a-gob Katie blames UK culture for the high rates of under-age parents

‘Instead of shaming them, we support them with free schools, free housing and free health care.’

Katie blasted young parents further, writing: ‘These young fatherless kids are part of a tragic cycle.’

She described young parents as: ‘Brainless and spineless… they serve no purpose other than to destroy stuff.’

The granddad to be was reportedly angry at his daughter, but Katie wrote that his influence could hardly be taken seriously.

‘Telling her to listen to a knife-wielding murderer feels wrong,’ she says.

‘I hope they call the kid Destiny — one thing is for sure, her tragic future is all mapped out,’ Katie finishes.

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