Kate and Gerry McCann return to Portugal as police reportedly prepare to arrest suspects

Kate and Gerry McCann have returned to Praia Da Luz over seven years after the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine as police reportedly prepare to arrest suspects.


by Fiona Day |
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According to news reports, British police in Portugal are preparing to arrest eight suspects after clearing ‘legal red tape’ in the ongoing investigation.

Portuguese police will question suspects under Portuguese law whilst police from Scotland Yard sit in.

A spokesperson for the police said: ‘The ­questioning will be done by the Portuguese, either at Faro or Portimao police stations. The men will be detained as ‘arguidos’ – or formal suspects.’

'The British are ready to go at a moment’s notice, but the decision on when the questioning begins is for the Portuguese police. It could start as soon as late June.’

Kate and Gerry arrive in Portugal as police prepare to make their move on suspects
Kate and Gerry arrive in Portugal as police prepare to make their move on suspects

‘The permission has been granted and there is not more legal paperwork to apply for.’

According to reports, the suspects made a high volume of phone calls to each other in the hours before Maddie’s disappearance.

‘It could be a major breakthrough. Kate and Gerry are buoyed by this latest development.’

As the next stage of the investigation unfolds in Praia Da Luz, Kate and Gerry McCann are making their way to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon to appear against former detective of the case who accused the couple of covering up Maddie’s death.

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