Josie Cunningham reveals tell all documentary and denies homeless man is unborn baby’s father

Josie Cunningham has taken to Twitter to deny that a man claiming to be is her baby's father.


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This weekend, Jonathan Smith, 31, claimed that Josie's unborn baby was probably is.

He told the Mirror: "If the baby's not black I'm going to have a DNA test. If it is, then I don't need to, do I?"

Jonathan told the newspaper that Josie called him crying and told him there was a high possibility the baby is his.

Josie insisted that Johnathan's claims were false
Josie insisted that Johnathan's claims were false

But Josie has dismissed his claims, writing: "They clearly know he's lying hence not stating the facts, instead putting 'he claims'"

'Sofa surfer' Jonathan insisted that Josie had told him the baby could only be his or a 'black lad' she'd been sleeping with, telling him 'so if it doesn't come out black, you'd better run because it will be yours.'

While denying Jonathan's claims, Josie also revealed she will be featuring in a tell all documentary, set to be aired on Channel 4 later this year.

She wrote: "People can believe what they want, but in Oct/Nov Channel 4 will be giving me chance to correct all lies (sic)"

A picture showing Josie surrounded by a camera crew was uploaded alongside the tweet.

Josie recently sparked outrage when she revealed she would be selling tickets to the birth of her third child.

The tickets, costing £5-10k, sold out in 14 minutes, and Josie later added she would also be giving viewers the chance to see the birth on Skype for £200.

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