Josie Cunningham: “I’m selling £10k tickets for the birth of my baby”

After a deal to sell DVDs of her labour fell through, Josie Cunningham's hit a new low.


by Closer Staff |

Wannabe model Josie Cunningham has been in and out of the headlines recently after revealing she planned to abort her baby to star in Big Brother.

Josie- who rose to notoriety after having a £4,800 boob job on the NHS- dramatically changed her mind and decided to keep the baby, then said she'd release release DVDs of the birth in a bizarre bid to stay in the spotlight.

But last week, Josie's DVD deal with a pound shop fell through and, now, she's planning to sell tickets to her home labour instead- at an eye-watering £5k and £10k a ticket.

Josie- whose baby boy is due in October- says: "I was gutted when the DVD deal was pulled- I was set to make thousands and wanted to share the precious experience. I realised the next best thing would be to sell tickets of me giving birth at home.

"I've had a bit of interest already. I'm selling two tickets at £5k each and two at £10k, which are VIP. All tickets will include travel and accommodation and the pricer ones will entitle the ticket holder to film the birth and take photos. I'll use the money to pay back the NHS for my surgery and will spend the rest on my kids."

Incredibly, Josie, 23, already has her first taker, super fan Paul Mills-Ash, 29.

He says: "I've followed Josie's career since she first came into the public eye. I'm using my savings to buy a £5k ticket. It's a lot of money but it's worth it. It'll be great to say I was at the birth in years to come."

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