Josie Cunningham left fuming after pound shop pull out of filming birth DVD

Josie Cunningham has been left angry at pound shop bosses, after they allegedly pulled out of a deal to film her giving birth to her third child.


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The wannabe glamour model, who previously considered having her child aborted, was looking to have the birth filmed and sold by a budget shopping brand.

'Actually fuming!!!!!!' Josie tweeted on Tuesday. 'As if poundshop has just pulled out of my child birth DVD deal!!!!!!! So, angry!!!'

Josie shot to fame last year when she underwent a £4,800 NHS boob job to take her from a 32A to a 36DD, and has since caused controversy on a number of issues.


Josie treated herself to some retail therapy after the bombshell


Earlier in 2014, Josie announced she was expecting a baby after falling pregnant whilst working as an escort - and that she had no idea who the father was.

Later, the single mother added she would abort the baby so that she could star on reality TV, before deciding that she wanted to keep her third child.

Josie often gets a backlash for tweets like these

In May, Josie revealed she wanted to give birth in front of cameras, saying: 'By selling DVDs of the birth, people will get to see my maternal side. I love One Born every Minute - it'll be just like that.'

Twitter users were quick to slam Josie's latest money-spinner, but the 23-year-old remained unrepentant, tweeting: 'People may laugh, but think about it! 500 stores x 500 copies each equals a**t loads of £'s! (sic)'

You said it Josie!

The 23-year-old later added she was heading off to the shops for some retail therapy to make herself feel better.

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