Josie Cunningham on not going through with her abortion: “I felt the baby kick and couldn’t go through with it”

After causing outcry last weekend when she revealed plans to abort her 18-week baby to go on Big Brother, Josie Cunningham has admitted she could not go through with it.


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Mum-of-two Josie, 23, was going have the termination, as she believed a baby would ruin her chances of fame.

Speaking to a UK newspaper, Josie said: “I just couldn’t do it. I really thought I would be able to but I couldn’t. I’d felt the baby kick for the first time 24-hours earlier and I couldn’t get that feeling out of my head.”

Despite saying that she thought being pregnant had put off Big Brother bosses from offering her a place in the house, Josie insists feeling her baby kick helped her make up her mind.

Josie insists feeling her baby kick told her she couldn't go through with the abortion
Josie insists feeling her baby kick told her she couldn't go through with the abortion

“I’d forgotten what that feeling was like. It was magical. It was like the baby was telling me not to go through with it.

“I was in the taxi driving to the clinic and felt physically sick. I was shaking. When the driving told me we were a minute away I burst into tears,” she said. “I wanted to throw myself out of the moving car to get away. I had my hands on my bump and I had the strongest feeling I couldn’t let anyone take my baby away.”

Josie’s revelation that she was planning the abortion caused a huge online backlash, with celebrities and the public alike slamming her for her decision. But Josie admitted that she thought the reaction was a good thing.

She said the online criticism helped her to realise what she was planning wasn't right

She said: “I kept telling myself I must be doing something right because at least everyone knew my name. I had 13,000 Twitter followers overnight – I didn’t care if they hated me.”

But Josie thanks the people who criticised her online, as she said they’re what made her change her mind.

“I lost control and I wanted to be famous so badly I lost sight of what really matters. I am disgusted with myself and I’m sorry – not to the haters but to the child I’m going to have.

“Now I’ve made this decision I am determined to be a good mother just like I am to my other children.”

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