Josie Cunningham ‘apologies’ to White Dee… before calling her ‘sly’

Josie Cunningham has taken to Twitter to apologise to Benefits Street’s White Dee… before branding the TV star as ‘sly.’


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Josie was upset with White Dee- real name Deidre Kelly- after the Benefits Street star appeared on This Morning.

Dee blasted Josie Cunningham for her NHS breast implants before revealing that she hadn’t claimed benefits since March.

"I believe the reason Dee is angered by my life is because I doubt she's very happy with her own,” Josie wrote.

"I'm almost half of her age and not reliant on the benefit system like she is. I think Dee should stop making excuses, and get a job!

White Dee hits out at Josie Cunningham

White Dee appeared on This Morning
White Dee appeared on This Morning

Pregnant Josie then backtracked, writing: "Sorry, didn't realise Dee is now claiming she's come off benefits… still think she's sly.”

White Dee paid to party in Las Vegas

“I regret my sticks and stones tweet, but it was done in frustration. However, Dee apparently turning down jobs because they’re ‘dull’ is.”

Josie continued: “In fact HER who is rubbing the tax payers face in it, but she’s one thing I’m not… SLY.”

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White Dee said on the daytime talk show: “The organisers paid for me to go over for two days… How do they know I’m on benefits? I haven’t been in receipt of benefits since the end of March. No one has ever asked me. They just presume that I’ve been doing all of this while still on benefits.”

White Dee then criticised Josie for her NHS implants, telling This Morning presenters Phil and Holly that Josie was "rubbing it in tax payers' faces.”

Team White Dee or Team Josie?

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