Jimmy Savile NHS abuse victims aged 5 to 75, and presenter even abused corpses – making rings out of their glass eyes

Former BBC DJ Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged from five to 75 in NHS hospitals, investigators have revealed.


by Ellie Hooper |

The deceased entertainer abused patients in their beds, corridors and offices, with the victims ranging from everyone from patients to visitors and staff.

Reports published on the investigation cover 28 hospitals over several decades, with both Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary being included.

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Jimmy pictured in 2009
Jimmy pictured in 2009

Sex abuse survivor speaks out: 'You've taken my life so far, but you won't take another day.'

The Radio 1 DJ died aged 84 in 2011, just a year before allegations that he had sexually abused children were broadcast in an ITV documentary.

Reports on Leeds General and Broadmoor psychiatric hospital are the most detailed of all, with the findings making 'shocking reading' according to the Department of Health.

From the Leeds investigation, it was revealed that Savile allegedly performed sex acts on corpses in the hospital mortuary, as well as raping several other people on the site and committing dozens of other assaults.

Jimmy surrounded by admirers in 2007

Jimmy Savile's victims told: 'You're lucky he paid you attention.'

One 16-year-old victim told of how she was abused in a basement at Leeds hospital, but was laughed at when she reported the incident.

'I think you just feel dirty, you feel ridiculously stupid,' she told Radio 4.

The Broadmoor report found that Savile was 'narcissistic, arrogant and lacking in any empathy.'

It describes how the DJ would watch and make inappropriate comments as patients stripped and showered, and also abused vulnerable people of various ages at the hospital.

Other hospitals that have been investigated in relation to the Savile case include Great Ormand Street, Portsmouth Royal, Leavesden Secure Mental Health and many others.

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