Japanese women using their thighs to advertise products

A new advertising technique has been adopted in Tokyo, Japan in which companies produce temporary tattoos of their slogans and women wear them on their thighs.


by Maggie Hitchins |
Published on

In order to become a thigh model you will have to be over 18, and have at least 20 followers on a social media site, and then be willing to walk round Tokyo for 8 hours with a large temporary tattoo on your leg!

The campaign has around 1,300 women participating since Absolute Territory PR started it in July 2012.

In fact “absolute territory” is a phrase that the Japanese use to describe the area of a women’s leg that is between a short skirt and over the knee socks.

Women are paid anywhere from £6.50 to £65 for a days work, it all depends on how many photos they upload of their thighs to social media websites.

This unique method has become quite a popular way of advertising, with Green Day using the technique to promote their new album.

It is usually the case that it is the more shocking an advert the more attention it is likely to get, and this approach is certainly going to catch people’s eye. However, it might not become common practice in the UK as there are only a few weeks a year when it is possible to go out without wearing thick tights…

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