Is this Japanese hedgehog the most photographed pet in the world?

Meet Marutaro the hedgehog. With a bigger social media presence than most humans, Marutaro, who hails from Japan, is arguably the most famous hedgehog in the world.

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Celebrating the winter Olympics in February

And it's easy to see why. His owner posts daily updates and pictures to his Twitter page, to the delight of his 56,000 followers on the site. The most popular shares seem to be Marutaro's paper faces, which include one of him poking his tongue out at the camera or a shocked expression.

Just hanging by some blossom

But his owner doesn't scrimp on the more naturalistic shots, with pictures showing Marutaro hanging out in some sawdust, near some blossom trees or curling up in a ball also featuring.

A michevious Marutaro

With hundreds of pictures in his Twitter photo gallery, this guy has got to be one of the most photographed pets out there. But we have to wonder who has the time to follow this Hedgehog around at all hours of the day for the web's amusement? And if that's his full-time job, where do we sign up?

All tucked up and ready for bed

Why not follow his adventures here.

Escaping the egg
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