7-year-old boy needed surgery after PRIMARY SCHOOL bullies beat him with a metal pole


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Little Jak was left with life-threatening injuries when bullies at school pushed him so hard into a metal pole that he needed surgery


A seven-year-old boy was forced to miss out on his own birthday party after he suffered horrific injuries at the hands of school bullies.

Jak, from Telford, Shropshire, was shoved so hard into a metal pole at school by bullies that he was left with a bloody, swollen golf ball-sized lump on his head.

Jak had to be taken to hospital after suffering horrific injuries (Credit: Facebook/ Justice For Jak) ©Facebook/ Justice For Jak

Jak's mum Laney posted the above photo of Jak's injuries to a Facebook group, desperately pleading for help as she had exhausted all options without anyone taking her seriously.

She has since created a Facebook page called Justice For Jak, spreading the word about his injuries.

She wrote: "My son was bullied all this term by one child. He has been whipped with skipping ropes, stabbed with a pencil, scratched, punched, called names, stabbed with paper clips, hit around the face with a tennis racket. Then the bully, his brother and two friends jumped on my son's head!"

Little Jak is only seven-years-old (Credit: Facebook/ Justice For Jak) ©Facebook/ Justice For Jak

Laney goes on to describe that, on 23 March, the bully allegedly hit her son and shoved him very hard into a metal pole, which has caused Jak's horrific injuries.

She wrote: "The school did not give him a head injury letter or even a cold compress. I complained the next day that Jak's bump had swollen very big! I took him straight to A&E was told it was concussion. I asked for a second opinion and got sent home."

Laney took Jak to a doctor on 29 March as the lump had started leaking puss, and he was then put on antibiotics. On 31 March, she took him back to the doctors but was given the same answer, and more antibiotics.

Jak is still in hospital now (Credit: Facebook/ Justice For Jak) ©Facebook/ Justice For Jak

She described how Jak's seventh birthday on 1 April was a write off: "He spent the day in bed and then had a party at jungle land where he sat in the toilet until his friends left his own party as the pain was so severe from his friends talking and laughing. That evening, Jak cried all night with head pains in my bed."

Laney wrote that she took Jak to Telford police station the day after his birthday, but was apparently told that, as the bullies are under ten-years-old, there's nothing that they could do.

Jak was allegedly shoved into a metal pole by one of the school bullies (Credit: Facebook/ Justice For Jak) ©Facebook/ Justice For Jak

She wrote: "Jak was screaming in pain again so I took him straight back to A&E. AGAIN I was told concussion, AGAIN I complained!

"Jak was later admitted into a pre-assessment unit and was then admitted onto the children's ward."

The little boy was taken into theatre on 5 April to drain a blood clot that had formed in the swollen lump and to remove the puss that had gathered in his head.

She continued: "Jak is on a drip having antibiotics, painkillers and even morphine. His vein had collapsed in his hands from his cannula so is like a human pin cushion. He's having cannulas fitted, bloods taken and swabs."

Over the weekend, Jak was taken back into theatre to have an electric vacuum drain inserted into his head to drain the fluid.

Jak with his brother and mum Laney (Credit: Facebook/ Justice For Jak) ©Facebook/ Justice For Jak

Laney wrote: "This means that he's had two tubes put in his head to drain the infection and the blood from his head. Jak is lying in a bed on strong medication with tubes coming out of him whilst the bully has carried on with life as normal!

"My son has been in a hospital bed for six days - not once has the bully missed a break time or received any punishment! Then today whilst I'm waiting for Jak to come out of theatre from having a head operation, I recieved a second email from the school.

"It was a letter sent to all parents saying that it was a MINOR INJURY that has got infected! I'm appalled at the school that I send my children to for six hours a day, five days a week to be put in danger and then dismissed.

"But on top of that, the police, people who are meant to protect the public, can't/wont do anything! But life for the bully continues as normal!

"We need to stand up to bullies, pull together and make a change! Teach our children to be kind, teach our children to speak up."

Jak is thankfully recovering (Credit: Facebook/ Justice For Jak) ©Facebook/ Justice For Jak

Thankfully, Laney updated the page with a photo of little Jak looking much better with the caption: "Someone's feeling a lot better."

We're keeping our fingers crossed that Jak recovers and that the truth comes out.

Have you or a loved one ever had to deal with a child being bullied? How did you overcome it? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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