Italian man, 70, hires an escort – only for his son’s girlfriend to turn up

When a 70-year-old man hired an escort, he wasn't expecting his future daughter-in-law to show up as his date….


by Kayleigh Dray |
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All together now? Awkward.

When the father booked an escort in the nearby city of Vicenza, he was left red-faced when his 40-year-old son’s South American girlfriend knocked on the door.

Especially as she had told everyone, including his son, that she was a waitress.

The pair, naturally embarrassed by the situation they had found themselves in, decided not to seal the deal.

The man then fretted over whether to tell his son that the woman was in fact an escort, and not the waitress she claimed to be - knowing that, at the same time, he would be exposing his use of the dating service.

Finally his conscience won the battle, so the father sat down with his son for a little talk.

But the move, according to Italian paper Il Gazzettino, prompted a bitter feud between father and son.

The incident happened four years ago but only recently came to light during a court hearing after the son decided to sue his dad for injuries. We're guessing there's still some bad blood between the paid then.

The judge failed in his attempt to get the pair to make amends, and postponed the hearing.

No word as to whether or not the son and his girlfriend stayed together.

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