Murder plot survivor: ‘My husband tried to kill me”

Last week it emerged that Army Sergeant Emile Cilliers, 35, had been arrested and bailed, on suspicion of attempted murder, after his wife Victoria Cilliers survived a 4,000ft fall when her parachute failed to open.


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Experienced parachutist Victoria, 39, who had given birth to their son just five weeks before the incident, managed to partially open her reserve chute and survived with multiple broken bones.

It was later revealed vital parts of her parachute had been missing.

This week we speak to Victoria Fabian, whose world crumbled in 2010 when her husband Nicholas Fabian blew up the car she was driving, so he could start a new life with his mistress.

Thankfully Victoria, her son and her unborn child survived, and Fabian has been jailed for life.

Victoria and Nicholas, with children Charlie and Harry, in happier times
Victoria and Nicholas, with children Charlie and Harry, in happier times

The full-time-mum, from Kent, has since married her childhood sweetheart and had another child.

Victoria, 38 – who needs crutches to walk - says: “I still can’t believe my husband could do something so terrible.

"To try to kill me, my son and our unborn baby is unthinkable. I’m just so thankful my boys Charlie, who's 14, and Freddie, now four, survived.

“I thought I’d never be able to trust anyone again.

But after the attack my childhood sweetheart got in touch to see if I was OK and a relationship developed. He makes me feel safe.”

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