Husband finds innovative way to escape suspicious wife’s attention

A husband, whose wife allegedly attempted to track her husband’s moves by planting a GPS device amongst his belongings, decided to be just as inventive.

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by Jessica Anais Rach |
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The anonymous ( and rather desperate) man left the device by the side of the road with a note reading:

‘My wife is tracking me with this GPS device.

‘I am leaving it here. If you find it, you may keep the GPS device.

‘I am leaving it here. If you find it, you may keep the GPS device.

‘Please take it far away.’

An image of the abandoned device quickly made its way onto a social networking site, where various users debated what the best way forward was.

Among the suggestions were: ‘Leave it at a gay strip club’ and ‘I would throw it in the back of a truck’.

Another user suggested: ‘Attach it to a stray cat. She’ll wonder why he’s wandering around people’s backyards, jumping fences, and being parked in alleys’.

However others were happy to avoid the wife’s wrath, with one user writing:

‘Why? So your crazy wife can start following me around? Not gonna fall for that one again.’

With the online stir this picture is causing, we have the feeling this wife has realised the GPS tracker is MIA. (missing in action)

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