Human Barbie Sarah Burge: ‘I had vaginal surgery to stop my husband straying’

Cosmetic surgery queen Sarah Burge has long been dubbed the original Human Barbie, and has had over 100 treatments in the last 20 years, worth over £250,000.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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The Playboy bunny turned plastic surgeon first made headlines in 2012 after admitting to injecting daughter Hannah- then 15- with Botox, as well as giving youngest daughter Poppy boob job and liposuction vouchers worth £15,000 when she was just 7 years old.

Speaking to Closer Online, the mother-of-three revealed she has no plans to ever stop having surgery, hinting that her carefully maintained appearance is the key to her happy marriage.

Admitting that she is now addicted to surgery and has regular 'maintenance procedures' including fillers, Botox, dermabrasion and skin peels, 53-year-old Burge has now gone a surgical step further.

'For my 53rd birthday recently I had virginal rejuvenation to keep me not only young on the outside but inside also- back to being a virgin all over again,’ she says.

Revealing that she was unable to have sex for three weeks after surgery- ‘the longest I have ever gone without surgery’, Sarah believes the sex is now better than ever, though she admits much of it is ‘in the mind’.

Sarah with husband of 8 years Tony

'I believe sex and surgery are closely linked because looking good keeps you more youthful and sexually attractive. I love being adored and love loads of sex,' she explains.

And the surgery owner did not have to pay for the £5,000 private procedure- a ‘perk’ of working in the plastic surgery industry.

Referring to herself as 'a constant work in progress', she is horrified at the thought of giving up surgery.

'I would hate my husband to replace me with a younger model'

'Never, Never, Never would I stop having surgery- that would be all to dull! I am addicted but so what?' she asks.

'I will always be one step ahead in the beauty stakes as my experience is from both sides of the scalpel, and will only stop when I’m dead or have run out of money.

Speaking about 53- year-old husband Tony, whom she has been married to for eight years, she explains:

'Get as hot and steamy in the bedroom as it gets in the kitchen'

'I would hate my husband to replace me with a younger model, at the moment he has the best of both worlds, I look like a bimbo with the intellect of a professor-great combination.'

And she has a few tips to keep the spark alive.

'A relationship is a bit like cooking. Experiment, get creative and decorative and have something different every day otherwise it goes stale and mouldy. Get as hot and steamy in the bedroom as it gets in the kitchen.'

But those aren't her only tips. Burge has recently released a diary-style book, documenting her life as a former playboy bunny and mistress.

'I’ve just written Confessions of Madam Pink. It’s my sex book based on my real life experiences as a playboy bunny, wife and mistress.

'It’s a series of short, erotic stories to spice up people’s sex lives.'

Burge is also currently filming an agony aunt style documentary for women who email her from across the world, with stories of botched plastic surgery.

Sarah came under fire for giving her daughter Poppy plastic surgery vouchers and pole dancing lessons when she was just 7

'My main message to them is don’t let anything hold you back. I’m a fighter and I will always stress to people to fight for what you want. I was totally destroyed, in the gutter.

'I didn’t have any education, I just relied on my looks. So when my looks were taken from me I felt I had nothing.

'In hindsight, not that it’s a good thing, it made me explore other avenues and developed my brain and it made me the business woman I am today.'

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