Horror as woman raped in John Lewis car park in broad daylight

Police are looking for a man who attacked a woman in a John Lewis car park in broad later


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Police are hunting a man who raped a woman in broad daylight in a John Lewis car park.

The horrific incident took place in Cheadle, Stockport, on Friday in the early evening.

The Manchester Evening News says that the suspect has been described as having a ‘distinctive pock-marked face’. He is also thought to be around 40 years old, of Asian descent and medium build with thick black ‘monobrow’ eyebrows.

Police believe that the man was waiting on a nearby road prior to the attack and forensic experts have been investigating the area.

Forensic teams are now investigating the scene (stock image)

Detective Inspector Richard Ennis has appealed for witness to come forward.

He said in a statement: “This young lady has suffered a deeply traumatic ordeal and we have a team of detectives who are working on this case to try and identify the man that did this to her.

“We believe that the area close to where the victim was parked in her car is used as a cut-through between Wilmslow-Handforth by-pass and the junction of Wilmslow Road and Etchells Road and we are appealing for anyone that may have seen a man fitting this description hanging around this area, to please get in touch.

“The description of this attacker is very distinctive, with deep pock-type scars on his face and I am hoping that this may jog someone’s memory to call us, so we can find the person responsible and take him off our streets.”

If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111

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