Hilarious video shows man trying to break into ex-wife’s home, but gets stuck in Chimney

A man's plan to break into his ex-wife's house backfired when he became stuck in the chimney.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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The disgruntled husband evidently thought he was slimmer than he was as he tried to squeeze himself down the chimney breast and into his ex's home.

According to the New York Daily News, it took firefighters nearly two hours to take the chimney apart and get the man out of his tight spot.

The man, who was attempting to break into a property in Lake Forest, California, was gasping for air at the top of the brick chimney before firefighters provided him with an oxygen mask and helmet upon their arrival.

If you watch the below video, you can spot the husband's soot covered head at about 25 seconds in, as the chimney is disassembled level-by-level.

Luckily, the man suffered non-life threatening injuries after the incident on Monday night, and his wife decided not to press charges.

One thing's for sure, this man has gone away with his tail between his legs (and probably a promise to himself to lose 5 lbs over the summer).

Watch the footage of the man's rescue above. We know we shouldn't laugh but….pah!

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