Teen nymphomaniac: “I need sex 20 times a day”

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by Ellie Henman |
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18-year-old sex addict says her overactive libido ruins her relationships and leaves her feeling depressed

Self-confessed nymphomaniac Cerise needs sex up to 20 times a day and has struggled to find love because of her high libido.

And while she may only be 18, she's already slept with 20 men and had several short-term relationships, some of which have ended because her boyfriends couldn’t keep up with her demands.

"I constantly feel aroused and need to have sex around 20 times a day," says Cerise. "I'm thinking of having counselling because I don't want to be turned on all the time. I just want a normal sex drive. I'm addicted to sex, I think about it at least 40 times a day."

Cerise, who grew up near Manchester, says she started having sexual feelings at 10 and lost her virginity shortly before her 16th birthday. “I used to pretend to make my dolls have sex together," she says. "I felt a bit embarrassed by my feelings and I didn’t know how to control them.”

Finally, at 16, she confided in her mum Tina, 37

Mum suggested I use sex toys to cope with my urges

“We’ve always been really close, I can talk to her about anything," she says. "I told her I was worried about feeling aroused all the time and at first she wanted me to see a counselor, but I was too embarrassed. I went to Ann Summers with my then boyfriend and he bought me a pink vibrator. I have 25 toys now and they do help.”

Sadly for Cerise her high sex drive affects her relationships. She's had several short term romances and a year-long relationship, but it floundered as a result of her demands.

“The first six months were great,” she says. “We had sex around six times a day. But then his energy started to dwindle and I had to end it because I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied. I was upset because I really liked him.”

She admits: "I want sex up to 20 times a day - it's the first thing I think about when I wake up. If I don't have it, I get grumpy and I feel low and depressed. It's like smoking, it relieves tension."

Cerise - who uses condoms and is on the Pill - has also tried to deal with her problem by having one night stands, but unsurprisingly they haven't helped.

She says: "I went through a phase of going clubbing and having one night stands, to fulfil my sexual urges. I slept with five men but the sex wasn't that great because we'd been drinking and I'd always just end up feeling bad about myself."

The beauty salon worker also finds her sexual urges distract her from daily life.

“Luckily I only live ten minutes away from work, so I sometimes have to deal with the fact I'm always thinking about sex by popping home to relieve myself. Sex often comes into my head and when I'm shopping at the supermarket I sometimes lose my train of thought and forget why I'm there. I avoid watching sex scenes on TV because they makes me feel uncomfortable."

Cerise is now considering having therapy to calm her libido.

She says: “I've been too embarrassed to have counselling in the past, but now I realise I have to face up to my problem. My friends know how much it affects my life and they’re supportive. I’d love to get into a settled relationship - people might be jealous of my sex drive, but ruins my love life."

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