Mum’s post defending her lesbian mummy friend strikes a chord on Pride weekend


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Mum blogger Gylisa Jayne has blasted judgemental people for making her lesbian mummy friend feel bad about herself

Whilst people in general are more accepting of same-sex parents, they still receive a lot of judgement.

Why it's anyone else's business in any way, shape or form is beyond us.

But mum blogger Gylisa Jayne has spoken out about the nasty comments and behaviour aimed at same-sex parents, slamming judgemental people for thinking they have any right to have an opinion over something that doesn't concern them.

Gylisa is well-loved for her blunt honesty in her posts (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

Gylisa, who is a mum-of-one, is known for her outspoken nature and sharp wit - remember her NSFW list of pre-natal classes she thought she be offered?

But her most recent post, poignantly posted over the Pride weekend to celebrate the LGBTQ community, hits out at people who judge her friend, who is a lesbian in a same-sex parenting couple.

She wrote: "This is me, and my bez mate Hannah. As our journeys have moved on, we've found our lives have more or less remained similar...

"We've cried over dumb bitches, and the occasional jerk off guy. We've left home, moved back, then left again. We met the loves of our lives, and had our babies ♥️

"Our differences have always been the small stuff to our friendship. The non important bits. The add-ons. My partner happens to be male, hers is female. My baby was conceived from a peen, hers was conceived with the help of IVF. No biggie. It differs for many of us."

She posted this photo of herself, her daughter and her friend Hannah alongside her poignant words (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

"Only, not everyone sees it like that. I pressed her about it, wondering aloud if presenting as a Two Mum relationship differs at all from my Straight presenting relationship.

"She told me it did differ. She told me that these days, she avoids holding her fiancées hand - for fear of provoking an attack. She told me that if people get her partners gender wrong. She doesn't correct them. Sometimes it means less hassle to appear straight.

"She said sometimes people openly stare, openly talk about her and family set up. She said that when her partner officially adopts their child, her child becomes property of the state. Her child ISNT hers, while they make their family 'official'.

"Imagine that. Imagine that you feared public retribution so much. You couldn't simply hold onto your partners arm whilst out and about. Imagine all the worries and judgment you get now, with a worry over who you love added on top.

"Imagine hearing careless chatter. Or blatant remarks from people who don't care that you love your child very much, and your partner Also. Imagine a world where your family isn't accepted as normal, or natural. But something with red tape around it. Where your child can be taken from you, as a result of your sexuality. Imagine that.

"LGBT parents aren't talked about enough. Aren't celebrated enough. And they definitely aren't accepted enough. This is why we still need Gay Pride. This is why they still need allies."

The mum-of-one's post struck a chord with many readers (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

Gylisa's words really hit home with people, receiving over 1,000 likes, over 140 shares and over 60 comments.

One person wrote: "A parent is a parent, a woman is a woman, a human being is a human being regardless of ANYTHING, including sexuality.. It's 2017 for goodness sake!"

Another commented: "What an awful situation for your friend. We are going in the right direction with our views on the LGBT community but the fight and struggle continues. I'm so proud to be from a country that allow all couples to marry and have the same right equally. I pray the world will follow. Until then sending your friend hugs, love and courage on her journey. Stay strong, future generations will thank you for the fight."

Another person added: "I can't believe it even has to be discussed and not just a given that same sex couples have children. I hope I'm bringing my own kids up not to notice two mummies or two daddies or one mummy and one daddy, but just happy families, however they come."

Are you or anyone you know in a same-sex parenting couple? Do they suffer from abuse? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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