Gunmen hold 10 people hostage at Paris Primark

Police say that gunmen are holding 10 people at a Paris branch of Primark


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According to reports, 10 people are trapped in a Primark branch near Paris after gunmen targeted the shop.

Three men allegedly went into the building at around 6.30am in an attempt to rob the store.

According to the Guardian, one of the store’s employees sent a text message to a friend reading: “We are being held hostage by two armed men”.

Police have now stopped traffic around the area where the store is located.

An elite group of police have been dispatched- reportedly the same group who tackled the gunman who attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices earlier this year.

Police have sealed off the area

All other shops in the mall have been evacuated as authorities attempt to free the trapped hostages.

The gunmen are thought to still be in the shop and staff have reportedly been locked in a safe room.

Today’s attack is not thought to be ‘terror related’ or linked to an attack on a French factory two weeks ago, which saw a worker shocking murdered and beheaded.

France continues to be on ‘red alert’ for terror attacks and security has been stepped up in the country ahead of upcoming Bastille Day celebrations.


The gunmen have reportedly fled the scene and hostages released. Police have continued to seal off the area. It is not yet known if all staff members have left the shop.

Primark have also released a statement, reading: "We can confirm that there has been an incident at our Quartz shopping centre store in northern Paris.

"Police are in attendance and media inquiries are being referred to them.

"We will do all we can to support our staff and their families. We hope for a speedy and safe end to this incident."

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