Guard dog with no puppies of her own adopts tiny kitten

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A guard dog who never had puppies of her own has adopted a tiny kitten found abandoned in a US park.

The story, published on website kitten army, has gone viral this morning - and these pictures should show you why.

The tiny kitten was found abandoned in a park

As 10-year-old Lily was being taken for a walk, her owners heard a strange noise which they thought was an injured bird.

But once Lily started sniffing around, she soon discovered a 2-week-old kitten hidden in the woods.

Lily investigates the little kitten

'I nearly fainted,' said owner Lorie. '[I] shouted the DROP IT command and she deposited the kitty in front of me unharmed.'

But after being turned away from several animal shelters and told that it would be better to put the unweaned kitten down that to keep it alive, Lorie decided they had to help the animal out.

Cuddle time

'I brought her home thinking it was going to be a very long month keeping them apart and safe. Much to my surprise, Lily has adopted the kitten! Comes and gets me when she needs to be fed and watches to make sure I do it right!'

We can't cope, it's just too much

And Lorie admits that despite originally wanting to re-home the kitten once she is old enough, she now feels they might have to keep her - as Lily loves her so much.

How adorable are these pictures!

See the full story here, and for our US readers find out how you can adopt a cat in need.

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